Pets and Home Design

Rio and Charlie, Our Treasured Rescues

Do you ever feel like your pet is taking over your home? If yours is anything like my sweet Charlie, they think this world and everything in it is theirs – maybe they’re right. 🙂

While we like to treat our precious pets as part of the family, we’re not really into them taking over the style of our homes. We do what we can to keep our homes looking and smelling fresh, despite these crazy four legged friends we have running around.

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your beloved pet doesn’t completely take over your home.


  • Purchase pet beds and accessories that match your home’s decor (Homegoods has tons of fun things to choose from).
  • Store your pet’s toys in a basket that matches the style of your home (Wicker is a great option).
  • Vacuum regularly (especially if your pet sheds a lot).
  • Use candles and other air fresheners (but don’t over do it).
  • Need a pet gate? Use one that blends well with the materials present in your home (white to match the wall trim or stained wood to match your floors).
  • Add some fun touches to honor your furry friend, like this kitchen towel or the pillow in our previous post.

I’m here to tell you – it IS possible to have a clean, decorated and organized home, even with pets around.


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