A Nursery Fit for A Little Man

As we planned for Zach’s arrival, I immediately started dreaming of what I wanted his nursery to look like. My goal was to create a soft, cozy, and fun space.

Keep Your Catch-All Space Tidy with These Simple Tips

Every home has it – a space right inside the door that quickly becomes cluttered with random things left over from each day. It’s important these things stay organized or they can quickly leave your catch-all space cluttered and ineffective.

Why Home Staging?

Home staging is simply preparing a home to appeal to the market it’s located in. The amount of staging you choose to do will almost always be reflected in the profit and timeliness of the home’s sale.

Taking One for the Team

I’m a University of Kentucky fan by marriage. While I love UK blue, I’d prefer to keep our home from being consumed by it.

8 Simple Tips to Tame Your Overcrowded Closet

Having an organized closet is key to being able to get ready efficiently and often helps to get your day started right. Here are some things you can do to customize your closet to your needs.