Creating a Picture Perfect Home

I LOVE photos. If you’re looking to add more personality to your home, you can’t go wrong with adding some frames of the people you love most! Here are a few tips for adding photos to your home.

  • Have professional family photos taken often – Schedule a time to take photos at least once a year, twice if you have little ones. Choose big life events like pregnancies, birthdays, moves, etc. to revolve your sessions around.
  • Coordinate the colors in your photo session with the colors around your home -It adds a nice touch when your printed photos (especially the larger ones) have the same colors as the rest of the decor in your home. Going neutral with your outfits is an easy way to ensure your photos will go with your home’s decor.
  • Print the candids too – Candid photos often capture your family in their most *real* moments. True personality often shines through these types of images best and there’s no better way to make your home personal.
  • Use an assortment of frames – Choose contrasting colors and styles of frames to use throughout your house. I love using muted gold, medium wood and sage green frames in my home. Homegoods typically has a great selection of frames in various sizes and styles.
  • Hang photos in groups – Create gallery walls with similar photos for the most cohesive look. This is a great way to fill large walls, especially in areas like entryways or hallways.

There’s no better way to personalize a space than to add some fun photos!

If you’re local, check out our friend Hayley Echols Photography. She takes the most beautiful photos to celebrate all of life’s moments – big and small. We’re always SO happy with the photos she’s able to capture of our family – even in the midst of the chaos of having two small little ones. Contact her for your next photoshoot. You won’t be disappointed!

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