Making an Entrance


EntrywayThe entryway to your home is the first place your guests see – It’s their first impression.

Our entryway is small and very open to the rest of the house. I am all about open concept but I also think it’s important to find ways to define each space as its own. The entryway of your home, no matter its size, should be comfortable and inviting.

Here are a few things we did to help define our space as a welcoming entryway:

First, we separated our entryway from the dining room (despite the fact that there’s no wall in between) by painting it medium gray, which contrasts well with the sea blue dining room wall color. The difference in wall color gives the two spaces their own “personality”. The judges paneling in the entryway space also helps define it as separate from the rest of the house.

Industrial Bench with Pillow and Blanket
Industrial Bench with Puppy Pillow and Gold Blanket

Next, we looked to add furniture and a few accessories to fill the space. I love this short wood and iron bench from Homegoods and, at 32 inches long, it’s the perfect size for the space. Adding a pillow and blanket create interest and soften the wood of the bench. I especially love this fun pillow that my in-laws gave me.

The space is also framed with a few wall hangings from Hobby Lobby and a runner, one of my favorite finds from Target. The runner really helps to elongate the space and welcome our guests into the rest of our home.

Clear and defined spaces are important to have in a home and your entryway is a great place to start!


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