Add Extra Function to Your Multipurpose Space with a Daybed

Many people tend to have that one catch-all room (an office/ guest room/ craft space/ storage facility). I’ll admit, we have one of those too. It’s completely possible to have a space that has a number of functions and it’s often necessary when you have a small floor plan.

The key to making a space serve a number of purposes is multi-functional furniture. One of my favorite multi-use pieces is a daybed. It can function as a comfortable seating area during the week and a guest bed on the weekends. You score extra points if the daybed has a trundle too!

Since my daybed is up against the wall, it takes up less floor space than the typical twin bed would. This leaves more room for other things, like a desk or a bookcase, and helps the room to feel more open.

Daybed Mattresses
The daybed and trundle’s two twin mattresses are perfect for guests!

I pile tons of soft, fluffy pillows and a few blankets on to transform my black rod iron daybed into a comfy couch by day. We then make use of the two twin mattresses – one stored on the trundle below the daybed – on nights that we have guests.

A daybed is the perfect piece of furniture for a multi-purpose space!

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