About Us


Janis Durham and Whitney Wilson

We are an Atlanta-based mom and daughter duo with a love for all things home design.

Whitney WilsonHi, I’m Whitney. Between decorating my childhood bedroom, organizing my college dorm room and designing my current home, I’ve always found joy in design. I love sharing design tips and ideas with anyone who’s willing to listen.  I also have a love for creating things, which has led to Wildflower Design’s latest endeavor – handmade home decor items. I hope you feel encouraged as you make your way through this website. I think you will find that home design is not only fun but also so rewarding.

Janis DurhamHello, I’m Janis. I have always enjoyed decorating and enhancing my home. I have an eye for transforming a room into a beautiful living space. My goal is to make each room not only beautiful but functional.  I enjoy helping others choose the right paint colors to match their personality and preferences. I love offering my family and friends design tips for their homes.

We are so glad you have found our site! Sit down, stay a while and have fun. We hope you leave inspired and excited to start transforming you house into the home you love.