Why Home Staging?

The amount of staging you do will be reflected in the profit and timeliness of the home’s sale.

If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s important that the space is staged. Home staging is simply preparing a home to appeal to the market it’s located in. Staging ranges all the way from reorganizing and decluttering to redecorating and renovating.  The amount of staging you choose to do will almost always be reflected in the profit and timeliness of the home’s sale.

Why should you stage your home?

  • First impressions matter. From the moment a potential buyer pulls into your home’s driveway, they are forming an opinion about the home. Outdoor appearances such as landscaping and front door decor are key. It’s also important that the home’s entryway is well staged. If you haven’t appealed to the potential buyer’s needs by the time they pass through the home’s entry way, your chances of selling the home to them are greatly reduced.
  • Staging increases the value of your home. When spaces are clearly defined and free of clutter, it’s easy for buyers to imagine how they would live in them. Making small upgrades and freshening up all areas of your home can dramatically increase your its selling price.
  • Staging decreases the time your home is on the market. If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, staging is key. You will gain more traffic and quickly be able to show visitors all your home has to offer.

The designers at Wildflower Design are experts in home staging. We would love to help your prepare your home to sell quickly and profitably! Contact us to learn more.

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  1. I agree, to see your home quickly home staging is a small investment for a big return.

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    1. Agreed! It’s definitely worth the investment.

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