Taking One for the Team

IMG_6562Any sports fans out there? I’m a University of Kentucky fan by marriage. I will never be as passionate as my husband is about UK basketball (not sure that’s even possible) but I am learning to embrace life as a Kentucky fan.

If it were up to my husband, our house would be covered in all things UK blue. While I love the color and am all about him being involved in decorating decisions, I’d prefer to keep our home from being consumed by bright blue.

We’ve done a number of things to incorporate our love for Kentucky Basketball into our home’s decor without allowing things to get out of control. We have some University of Kentucky pieces here and there, from cookie jars to kitchen towels, and we’ve also dedicated an upstairs bedroom to UK decor.

University of Kentucky Accessories
Matching accent pieces help tie the space together.

The bedroom serves as a place for guests and an office space for my husband, so it’s fitting that this space be characterized by UK paraphernalia. I’ve kept the number of University of Kentucky logos to a minimum, which is key to keeping things from getting too out of control. Instead I’ve chosen other UK blue elements to tie the room together.

I found this fun picture frame in Homegoods. I also love the UK fight song canvas my sister-in-law created. I added some blue pillows and a few blankets (from Tuesday Morning) to the bed. The gray and white checked comforter as well as the wood furniture help to soften all the bright blue. These foam fingers were given to us as a wedding gift from some fellow UK fans and they add a fun element to the design.

You can support your favorite team and keep up with your home decor. It IS possible!

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