8 Simple Tips to Tame Your Overcrowded Closet

Anybody have a bit of a clothing obsession? Or maybe it’s jewelry or other accessories you love most? I pretty much love all of the above. While my clothing and accessories obsession is something I don’t really have under control, I do my best to keep things controlled in my closet. Having an organized closet is key to being able to get ready efficiently and often helps to get your day started right.img_6002.jpg

Here are some things you can do to customize your closet to your needs:

  1. Organize Your Clothing – Choose a system and stick to it. For example, I hang dresses, blouses and pants and separate my hanging clothes into color coordinated sections. I put my shorts, tanks, socks and other small articles in drawers. Which leads to the next tip:
  2. Add a Dresser – You don’t have to be confined to the shelving and racks that are in your closet to be begin with. You can always add additional pieces. The drawers of a dresser are great places to keep smaller pieces organized. The top of the dresser also provides space for other things you’d like to keep visible.
    Jewelry Hanger
    Create a Hanging Jewelry Organizer to keep necklaces tidy and organized.
  3. Use a Jewelry Organizer – I have a jewelry organizer on the top of my dresser that I place earrings, bracelets and watches in. I love having all the pieces visible so I can quickly choose which accessories to wear each day.
  4. Hang Large Jewelry – Create a space to hang your jewelry using a peg board and drawer pulls like this one. Again, having these things out makes it easy to see everything at once. Hanging necklaces in a large space like this, rather than a jewelry box, keeps them from getting tangled.
  5. Add Open Shelving – I use a small shelving unit to store hats and bags. This is another great way to keep things organized while still being easy to spot when needed.
  6. Use Felt Hangers – Felt hangers take up less space than the plastic hangers that are commonly used for clothing. If you feel like your closet is overcrowded with hanging clothes, consider using felt hangers.
    Specialty Hangers
    Use Specialty Hangers to keep things organized.
  7. Use Special Hangers – These hangers with multiple levels are great for organizing belts and ties, and circle hangers – like the one shown here – work well with scarves.
  8. Store Out of Season Clothing Somewhere Else – This may sound like a pain – to have to switch your clothing out a few times a year – but it actually has a lot of benefits. Use under-bed storage bins or a bench at the foot of your bed to store your out of season clothing.
    • This will encourage you to “purge” your wardrobe a couple times a year, each time you switch seasons.
    • It was also allow more space in your closet. If your closet is too full, it’s easy for things to get lost or forgotten about.

The key to maintaining an organized closet is to keep the system up as you go. The larger the piles of clothing, the less likely you are to keep things organized. Dedicate a few minutes each day to tidying things up in your closet.

If you apply these tips to your closet’s organization, you’ll be well on your way to improving parts of your daily routine.

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