5 Essential Storage Solutions for Any Home


No matter the size of your home, storage is key. When things are stored properly, your space instantly feels larger. Here are a few types of storage you can add to your home that will help make the best use of your space:

Storage Bench
A bench at the foot of your bed is the perfect place to store extra blankets.
  • Ottomans – Looking for extra storage in your family room? Purchase an ottoman with inside storage. We have a couple in our home – one is admittedly our “Quick, stuff all the random papers and knick knacks in here because our guests are on their way!” ottoman. They can also provide extra seating when you have people visiting and are easily moved from one part of the house to another.
  • Benches – Like the ottomans mentioned above, these storage benches are great tools to help keep certain items organized and out of the way. Place your bench at the foot of your bed or on an extra wall in your living space. The deep space is great for storing anything from blankets to toys to clothing.IMG_5761
  • Shelving – Add shelves to take advantage of vertical spaces in your home. Storage shelves are great tools in keeping a large amount of things – like shoes or towels – organized. When items are displayed on shelving rather than piled on the floor, they are instantly more tidy and it’s easier to spot exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Baskets – Place smaller items in baskets. This is a great solution to keeping your linen closet and pantry organized. Now all your extra bandaids, toothbrushes and spices have a home!
  • Underbed Bins – Need extra room for out of season clothing or other seasonal things? Consider purchasing some shallow bins to store under your bed. This often unused space is great for storage because it’s hidden but easy to access when necessary.

When it comes to adding storage solutions to your space, the possibilities are endless! Check back in the coming weeks for new blog posts on more specific things you can do to store everything you need to in your home.

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